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I am soooo excited to start this blog! it has always been a dream of mine to blog and just cook! Here I will be posting my thoughts, favorite MUST TRY recipes, and all things CAJUN!

Cajun isn't just what I cook... it's who I am! It's my roots and I am honored to share it with you! Whether it's just one person who reads this blog or a million people....THANK YOU! You are watching(reading) my dream in progress.

I've always enjoyed cooking and entertaining people. I think it's because I truly believe good food and drinks bring people together and it's good for the soul!

There's really nothing quite like cooking and feeding your family or friends. It's what makes me happy.

I don't know when this will lead but HERE I GO....

Trusting GOD and my GIFT to lead me! It's funny that I say GIFT.... I've never thought about cooking in terms of being my gift. It's always been who I am and what I do. & it's what I LOVE to do. It's my happy place.


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