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Meet The Owners

Chef Tootie


Chef Tootie is a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, an Istrouma High School Indian, a graduate from Northwestern State University and Tarrant College Culinary Arts School. She is also a TABC certified bartender. 

Chef Tootie started cooking as a child with her Aunt Susan.

There she fell in love with creating masterpieces for others to enjoy. Cooking is not just a passion or hobby for Chef Tootie, it's her gift and purpose from GOD. As a Louisiana native, Chef Tootie prepares each dish with the influence of her Cajun roots.


Providing excellent customer service is something that she takes seriously. Treating every customer and every event with the utmost respect and professionalism is the foundation of the service that she strives to provide. 


 In the process of manifesting:

*Chef Tootie is a world-renowned Cajun Cuisine chef. She's known around the world for creating delicious authentic Louisiana dishes. She's been featured on the morning Dallas News for bringing her soulful dishes to Dallas. She has written 5 New York Bestselling books, She has opened 5 successful Cajun Cravings in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Houston, and Miami.


Your gift will make room for you!


Operations Manager/Owner

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